Sistine Chapel

Project Overview

Players in this game world can explore the Sistine Chapel through the works of Michelangelo Buonarroti. This exhibit is a life-sized mockup of the Sistine Chapel, built and textured by hand. It explores Michelangelo’s art in the Chapel, and focuses on the Creation of Adam portion of the ceiling fresco. It features information about the differences in perspective between 2D and 3D art, the meaning behind the art, and what Michelangelo’s life was like during this period.


Developers: Dean Cohen, Gabe Grow, Taylor Campbell

3D Modelers: Mikayla Jones (Art Lead), Aaron Christensen, Daniel Quatrone, Nathen Langford

Texture Artists: Mikayla Jones (Figures & Forms), Liz Altmiller (Chapel, Ceiling, & Floor)

Writing: Sam Blake, Olivia Thomas

Narration: Aaron Christenson