ABC Stories

Project Overview

ABC Stories is an augmented reality application that uses a gamified level system to teach handwriting to children of all abilities. Each level is designed to build on the previous level while offering a positive and engaging teaching environment.

ABC Stories' level system is designed with the following learning strategies:

*Pre-Writing Level focusing on letter formation

* Level 1 - Letter matching/recognition

* Level 2 - Letter imitation

* Level 3 - Letter copying featuring ten fully animated and narrated stories that play out in augmented reality. Each chapter is unique and offers the user the chance to play a pivotal role in each story

* Level 4 - Independent Letter Writing

ABC Stories allows each user to create an account and keep track of their progress on its companion website.



Origination Team:

Lauren Matthews: Inventor, Software Developer, Project Manager, Story Author, Narrator
Chris Ross: Inventor, Lead App Software Developer, 3D Modeler/Animator, Lead 2D Artist
Aaron Easter: Inventor, Art Director and Lead Designer, Story Author, 3D Modeler
Casey Kawamura: Inventor, Lead API & Integrations Developer, Database Developer, Software Developer, DevOps

Database Team:

Jasmine Young: Lead-Front-End-Developer, Database Developer, App Software Developer
Jon Kido: Lead Database Developer, Software Developer
Daniel Lambert: Database Developer

Art Team:

Brennon Leman: 3D Modeler/ Animator, Narrator
Dakota Kimble: 3D Modeler, Narrator
Keegan Provo: 3D Modeler
Spencer Newbolt: 3D Modeler/Animator, 2D Texture Artist
Pam Nelson: 3D Modeler/Animator, 2D Animator
Finn Scown: 2D Artist/Animator, Narrator
Adriel Claflin: 2D Artist
Jamey Dunn: 2D Artist
Brilynne Funderburg: 2D Artist/Animator

Sound Design Team:

Patricia Hampshire: Narrator
John Kiser: Narrator
Olivia Thomas: Narrator