Earl Museum

Project Overview

This World War I Historical Game was created for the Earl Museum here in Boise. It was created to simulate the experience of trench warfare in in No Mans Land. The Dev team worked with the Earl museum to produce a replica of the maxim machine gun used in World War 1. This maxim gun is the centerpiece of the game. Our 3D modelers created an accurate representation of the real gun in a digital form, to allow future generations to see the it. The experience brings the user into a field of quiet poppies, and then on to an active battlefront where they live through a symbolic representation of the war. It’s meant to be quick and easy to run through in the museum setting, while still being impactful enough to give a lasting impression to the user.


Developers: Dean Cohen, Gabe Grow

3D Modelers: Mikayla Jones (Art Lead), Liz Altmiller, Daniel Quatrone, Taylor Campbell

Texture Artists: Mikayla Jones (Art Lead), Liz Altmiller, Taylor Campbell