Augmented Reality / Mobile Apps

Location based app for college campuses, including a feature to notify students about free leftover food near them and campus tours.

An augmented reality application designed to aid in the teaching of handwriting to children and an important tool in GIMM's initiative to double the amount of support in classrooms.

Foundations for Literacy

This projects utilizes ant+ sensors to track heart rate and cadence of young users. It helps students in middle and elementary school to focus after a short exercise.

An AR experience that guides users through Michelangelo's process for creating frescos.

AR 3D data visualization for the Idaho National Laboratory

Virtual Reality

Players explore a VR scale version of the Sistine Chapel, through the fresco paintings of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

A VR marble sculpting game in which players use marble sculpting tools from the time of Michelangelo Buonarroti, in order to create his famous David statue.

An experience designed to provide students and visitors with a realistic experiences of the combat trenches of World War One. Players start in Flanders Field, then transition to a 3D rendering of a trench in active combat.

This experience details the struggle and recovery of an eating disorder. The game follows the story of local artist Becka Watkins and her journey of using art to explore and conquer her demons.

This experience is a 360 video educational interactive environment of the Hell's Canyon dam. There are several elements near the player that can be interacted with showing the history, engineering, and environmental impact of the dam.

This experience uses the Leap Motion Controller to go through the proper steps of inserting a catheter with proper sanitation and consistency.

This project was made for ICCU for their events where players can earn real money based on points earned in the game.

Animations / Video

A 2D animated music video

The airport project is intended to allow those on the Autism spectrum prepare for the often-times stressful process of going through an airport.

The saint Al's experience is designed for hospice patients to visit various places in Boise with 360 video.


An educational experience designed to teach users how to survive in a hurricane